In La Galana we seek that you enjoy the relaxed and calm environment, the gatherings around the chimney, reading a book in front of the garden window, the scents of the lavender, the thyme that accompany our walks, the soft music that calms our hurries... a good breakfast that remembers old flavors, already almost forgotten, the dinners by the light of the candles... We want you to feel happy and relaxed, so we have looked after every detail and give a warm and friendly treatment to every guest we have. Here you will find a place to relax and enjoy an idilic landscape, full of History and sights of fantasy. But nothing would make us happier than see you again after visiting us for first time.


Double room ----------------------- 60 €

Breakfaast (price per person) ---------- 5 €

Additional bed ---------------------- 20 €

Laundry service ------------------- 3,60 €

Free parking for customers. All prices expressed in EUROS, for all seasons. All taxes included.